Friday, April 27, 2007

Hi, everyone. Hope you are doing well

We are in the peak of the "greens" season, and we should enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts. Everyone is encouraged to harvest the lettuce and spinach now - as much as you think you can use. Take the entire head, as opposed to harvesting leaves. Find a head in a crowded spot and pull it up or cut it at its base. I have a knife in the garage. We are running out of plastic bags, so bring some if you think of it.

I am guessing that we have about 2 more weeks of these nice lettuces. Radishes have been a big hit, and they are the only thing we've been tight on.

We've caged all the peppers and most of the tomatoes with the cages Ed brought over. The Girls replanted the bush beans. Peas are starting to bloom. We are in our 2nd radish crop. The potatoes look great. We have chard, but we still don't know how to use it. Spinach is trying to bolt. The tomatillos and the eggplants have blooms. The squash is mostly up. We've not had to use any insecticides or herbicides or fungicides. The compost bin is doing its thing.

Weeds. This is where we need help. Because of the very dry weather, we've had a reprieve from the normal amount weeding. With the blessed return of rain, this has changed. Penny is looking for straw to help mulch everything. That will preserve moisture as well as suppress weeds. We need to get the mulch down before the weeds get started and the soil dries. Timing is everything. We'll lose the battle against established weeds.

We also need to consider what we plant to replace the greens. I have some ideas, but yours are needed.

We will be home most of today and tomorrow. So drop by; say hi.


*Penny, it would be great if you and Pat could drop ~3-4 bales in the back yard anytime. If you need Mickey's help, let her know.

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