Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, can we have worse weather?

There's not much activity in our garden yet. A few things are doing OK - onions and garlic. And, there are sightings of some lettuce and spinach seedlings.

The radishes started to flourish right before the cold snap. Then they froze and the wind beat them to death! Sorry, Dave! I replanted them Tuesday. And I started tomatillos and roma tomato seedlings last weekend. They're coming up!

Most of the seedlings haven't emerged, and the earliest planting should have come up by now. But I'm not too discouraged. We started pretty early because of the unusually warm weather; but our gamble didn't pay off.

But soon it will get nice. For us, that means we need to be ready when we get an opening. So, if you have time when the weather warms, you may want to come over and reseed things that look as if they didn't make it. This could happen mid-week (~April 17th) or maybe even this Sunday afternoon.

We are putting off building the compost bin until we find sufficient material. We need 7 fork lift pallets or some more 2 by somethings or 1 by somethings.

The other major task is tilling the big garden. It's still too wet, and here again we'll need to be ready when we get an opening.

Regards, Kim

PS - Marcia, do you want me to use your home email address?

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