Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hi everybody!

Mickey and I are in Missouri and Illinois until Monday. Jason and Chrissy will be staying at the house.

Anyway, I recently read that "when lettuce season is over, it's OVER." When the temperature reaches about 85 consistently, the plants think they need to reproduce and start bolting. Part of that process is the creation of the milky substance you see in mature lettuce. Its bitterness puts and end to lettuce season. So, again, enjoy what we have while we still have it.

The spinach is nearing the same point, but it's still really good when cooked into soups, etc.

Penny delivered bales of straw Monday, and the potatoes are enjoying it. We can spread the rest as we need it. Waiting a couple more weeks might benefit the tomatoes because the mulch tends to keep the soil and the plant cool, whereas we are wanting HOT now.

Before I left, I did not check the need for watering. So, when you come over, please monitor that.

The bush beans are up and will soon need weeding. I hand weeded around the plants last weekend, but you will see we need more aggressive measures between rows.

Claire, have a great summer. We'll miss you.