Friday, July 20, 2007

For the next few weeks we will have lots of produce. Please, please come by!

In some aspects the garden is going so well it looks as if everything is working. But we've had some setbacks this week. Some of the onions were in the ground too long and began to rot. We've been hit with lots of cucumber beetles. These suck the plant's juices and in the process spread a bacteria that clogs the plants vascular system. This may take a toll on some of the squash and cucumbers. We could spray for the beetle, but Seven also kills bees. Some of the radishes planted late are hard as golf balls and very strong. And we found that the bush beans and regular cucumbers need to be harvested when young. Otherwise, we've done VERY well.

Here's this week's status:

Cucumbers **** (Don't let the regular cucumbers get too big; they get bitter. The Chinese cucumbers are best at about 1 foot long.)
Bush beans ***** (These need to be harvested when small, about 1/8 inch in diameter.)
Tomatoes - yes, for cherry; some Roma, a few yellow, some Early Girl (slicing)
Turnips *
Beets * (2nd planting is on its way)
Dill *****
Peas - they're done
Lettuce - forget it
Hot banana peppers ****
Other peppers *****
Chard ***** (2nd planting, very good green. Mickey put them in scrabbled eggs, as you would spinach.)
Onions ***** (all harvested and drying)
Carrots ** mainly for kids to dig
Eggplant (Japanese) - succumbed to bugs
Radishes - only for the brave right now, we'll plant more when the weather starts to cool.
zucchini *****
scaloppini squash ****
acorn squash **** (we've baked this and it's great)
tomatillos - close
potatoes - close; we should plan a party for the kids

Stan planted pumpkins last weekend - timed for fall harvest.

I planted some Chinese cabbage in peat pots. I also planted some yellow summer squash in a pot. They will go into the garden this weekend.

I may plant more green beans in the small garden.

And, we got 1.25 inches of rain! What a relief!


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