Monday, July 23, 2007

The garden's constant and rapid change amazes me. It looks nothing like the garden of a few weeks ago. Virtually all the small garden has come and gone, and soon will come and go again at unreasonable speed. The back garden is thick with green, narrowing some paths to extinction. I had to trim one of the tomatoe plants back to about 6 foot high.

We enjoy something from the garden almost every lunch and dinner. Mickey is adept at using whatever happens to be available each day. And since the garden furiously renews the "vegetable of the day", we've yet to tire of anything.

I estimate that we harvested about a bushel of produce this week, not counting the baseball bat sized zuchinni. Most of this is taken during the weekend. The garden hasn't caught on to our usage pattern, so we need to catch on to its production pattern. Some vegatables are best when picked within a one or two day window. We need mid-week harvesters! Mickey's without a car this week so come by, say hello and unburden some of the vines, bushes, etc.

Several spots have opened up in the small garden, and I've filled a couple with some yellow crooked neck squash, zucchini, beats, Chinese cabbage and fennel. In the remaining ample room we will put in some fall greens. Anyone with preferences/suggestions should let Rebecca know (you will meet her, Brian and kids sometime soon, I hope).

Here's this week's status:

Cucumbers *** (Don't let the regular cucumbers get too big; they get bitter. The Chinese cucumbers are best at about 1 foot long.)
Bush beans ***** (These need to be harvested when small, about 1/8 inch in diameter.)
Tomatos *** yes, for cherry; some Roma, a few yellow, some Early Girl (slicing)
Turnips done
Beets done, 2nd planting in a couple weeks
Dill *** waning quickly
Peas - one!
Lettuce - forget it
Hot banana peppers *** (these are marked with a red string on the cages)
Other peppers ***
Bell, Pablano (Ancho when dried), relleno (for stuffing), pimento (wait until red?), jalapeño (a little early, I think), & mild banana.
Chard ***** (2nd planting, very good green.)
Onions ***** (all harvested and drying)
Carrots nearly done
Eggplant (Japanese) - RIP
Radishs **** we found a patch!
zucchini *****
scaloppinni squash *****
acorn squash **** (we've baked this and it's easy and great, serve with butter & nutmeg.)
tomatilloes - close
potatos - We should harvest as the tops die. Also, we can dig "early" potatoes. The fingerlings wither within a few days, so gather them only for use within the next few days.


PS - I made 8? spelling errors above. Spelling these vejutabuls is tufff.

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