Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hi, friends.

Up until now we've been hearing how good the weather has been - sunny, no rain, low humidity. But about a month ago I removed sod in part of our lawn and was amazed to see how dry it was well below the surface. There's been little rain in the interim. In spite of the dry weather, the garden is doing very well. We just have to water it constantly.

There is a bit of a lull in what is now available. The peas are coming in nicely. The beets are delicious. Some of the spinach is still good for cooking. Some of the lettuce was still quite good as of this past weekend. We've gotten a few turnips. I've seen some small squash. But the big show is ahead of us when the tomatoes and their pals ripen.

Help needed this week:
- spot weeding, the never ending job (to you novices, there's no excuse now for not knowing what's a weed and what a desired plant)
- watering
- spreading straw for mulch
- tomato staking

We've been doing the watering by hand in the back garden for 2 reasons. First, it's difficult to put sufficient water on 3000 sq ft. Second, watering everything encourages weeds. The idea is to apply the water only in the root zone of the desired plants. I've also not yet mulched most of the back garden. I wanted to get the temperatures up to get the tomatoes growing. Applying mulch cools the soil and the plant. It's time to apply the mulch to conserve water.

Of course, any of this work should be done in the cool of the day.

We also need to replant some things. This entails removing the old greens (about a 30 second job). We can plant more squash, greens, whatever in their place.


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