Friday, August 3, 2007

My thoughts keep returning to how fast the garden continues to change. Since my previous update Caleb and Maria have come, gone, come and gone and their baby keeps growing. Caleb got a promotion, I think. Alaina registred for fall classes at IUPUI, a new school for her. Her best friend decided on a career. Two of my co-workers left our small office (one you should know). I was offered two new jobs and took on one new responsibility. Jason and Chrissy are preparing to move. Isabelle is getting ready for 1st grade. The parallels are pretty obvious.

Thanks to Penny's straw, we've been spared much drudgery. But, there are several tasks for those of us that manage to get ambitious in the near term. First, the rebellious tomatoes need to be supported somehow. Your technique is as good as mine. Some need to the tied to the stakes that are already there. Some of the cages need to be anchored. And, the tomatoes should be fed, which is an easy job. We can also prune them to manage their size.

Next, we need to start digging potatoes. Doing this late in the evenings wouldn't be too bad. I still suggest digging what you intend to use for the next couple weeks only.

For watering, the sprinkler has been running in the back garden for about 4 hours now. Watering plants late in the evening promotes fungal diseases and is discouraged, but when else can you put down sufficient water before it evaporates? I'm watering the least sensitive plants tonight and will get to the others tomorrow.

Rebecca, I hope your seedlings are growing. Maybe we should wait for a break in the hot weather before we plant them, though.

And, we need mid-week harvesters.

We had a garden visitor, too. By the looks of the carnage, this mole wandered through our garden looking for something it misplaced. It doesn't do too much damage to the vegetables, but I hope there are no kids around if I manage to corner it.

Here's this week's status:

Cucumbers *** (2nd planting is just starting to produce. The Chinese cucumbers are best at about 1 foot long.)

Bush beans *** (First planting is fading, 2nd planting of one row is starting. Pick at about 1/8 inch in diameter.)

Tomatoes *** yes, for cherry, Roma, a few yellow, some Early Girl (slicing)

Turnips done

Beets **** 2nd planting is ready. Some are the 'Cylindria' variety. Unlike the 'Detroit Red', they stick up out of the soil.

Dill ** waning quickly

Peas - one!

Lettuce - we are readying ourselves for fall planting

Hot banana peppers *** (yes, yes, these are marked with a red string on the cages. There are some cute round red ones, too.)

Other peppers ****

Bell, Pablano (Ancho when dried), relleno (for stuffing), pimento (wait until red?), jalapeño (a little early, I think), & mild banana.

Chard ***** (2nd planting, very good greens.)

Onions **** (all harvested and drying)

Carrots nearly done

Eggplant (Japanese) - RIP!

Radishes **** we found a patch!

zucchini *****

scaloppini squash ***** (harvest when about 3 or 4 inches across, the large ones make fine weapons)

acorn squash **** (we've baked this and it's easy and great, serve with butter & nutmeg.)

tomatillos ** we've enjoyed some verde salsa!

potatoes ***** We picked all four kinds last week. They are beautiful together. There are purple, Yukon Gold, red and fingerlings.

Here is a map of the peppers. The plants at the bottom of the list are closer to the house.

bell bell pablano

bell bell pablano

p. bell bell pablano

p. bell jalapeño pablano

bell jalapeño pablano

bell jalapeño pablano

bell jalapeño pablano

bell relleno pimiento

sw banana relleno pimiento

sw banana relleno pimiento

sw banana relleno pimiento

sw banana relleno pimiento

Hot red cherry relleno pimiento

hot banana relleno pimiento

hot banana relleno pimiento

Mickey is warming to the idea of providing cooking sessions to learn how to use some of our bounty. If you are interested or want to have fun, let her know.

Don't change too much,


PS - When you drop by, you may want to take a look at my repair handiwork and a Noblesville landmark, the most cursed door in Indiana.

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