Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Summer is definitely winding down in some parts of the garden while other parts keep plugging along.

This weekend about 1/2 the back garden was put to bed for the season. I took down the tomatillos and green beans and tilled everything but the tomato and pepper plots. I burned the remnants of the squash plants in part out of spite and in part to kill any remaining squash bug eggs that might overwinter.

Taking down the green beans was telling. First, I mowed them, then remowed them with the blade lowered, then tilled the bed. The beans were so tough that they survived all that. For sure, we'll plant a different variety next year. We'll try some other types of tomatoes, too. We planted too many plants altogether and too many Romas in particular.

The peppers plants continue to impress everyone. The maturing peppers are redder and more mild than the firstfruits. We've harvested untold numbers and some plants are still laden with fruit. The peppers are highly valued, so they are all going to waist instead of to waste.

Another round of beets is forthcoming. We can start harvesting the new turnips now. We could have had lots of greens, but we did not replant enough. We've have some nice lettuce now and we'll get spinach shortly. The Chinese cabbage is mature and has a better texture than what we were getting earlier. We have a few nice beans that Rebecca planted late in the year. We didn't plant enough, but we now know a late planting is quite worthwhile.

Save your fall leaves. Bring them over and we'll till them under to amend the soil for next spring.

Warm regards,