Sunday, January 6, 2008

October 20th, 2007

Surprise, Surprise. Who would have thought we'd have an abundance of produce in late October.

Last week we had a HEAVY frost on our cars. I thought it destroyed the peppers and tomatoes, for sure.

I was wrong. Now we have more peppers than ever, and they are in excellent condition. Many are the coveted bells. Most are turning red, getting milder and sweeter.

The Roma tomatoes are mushy and are worthless. But all the other types still have fruit and are perfectly fine.

We have some lettuce, also very nice, and spinach is just now reaching picking size.

We ate some fennel yesterday; Mickey sautéed it in olive oil then added it to dishes. Nice. We have many mature bulbs. They store for only a week or two, so take some if you like.

Also, we've got beets in perfect condition and nice turnips, which are great for fall soups and mixing with mashed potatoes.

Come by before the frost turns much of this bounty to composting fodder.

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