Sunday, January 6, 2008

October 27th, 2007

The weather predictions are that we will get heavy frosts over the next several days. The peppers can't tolerate freezing, so I harvested all of them. I gathered 1 grocery bag of bells, 2 of pablanos, 1 of rellenos, 1 of pimientos, 1/2 of sweet bananas, 1/3 of hot bananas and a few hot cherry pimientos.

Last night we asked the proprietor of a Mexican grocery store if he could use some. He can store them for >1 month, so he said, OK. His trick is that he uses a large refrigerator set at just above freezing.

So, Mickey put all we can possibly use in our refrigerator's crisper. We don't want any more.

Let me know SOON if you want any. Or stop by this weekend. I will take the excess to Mr. GroceryStoreOwner on Monday.

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