Monday, May 26, 2008

And The Planting Goes ON

This week we planted:
8 Roma, 4 Better Boy, 3 Sweet 100s, 4 Golden, and 4 Early Girl tomato plants
Shallots (in Eli's favorite digging spot)
Fingerling potatoes
8 green bell and 4 red bell peppers
We have several other pepper varieties that are too immature to plant in the garden.
We are nursing the tomatilloes, and they will be planted in a couple of weeks.
Stan has ordered some edamame soybeans, and they will go in when they arrive.
The onions are getting tall and the ones that are tightly planted can be harvested as green onions.

We are starting to get lettuce and spinach. The lettuce must be thinned, so feel free to do this. We are snipping the more mature leaves off the spinach.
The beets are growing quite slowly. I'm not sure what's up with them.
The radishes need to be thinned as well. This must be done mercilessly as the plants are pretty overcrowded.

The peas are looking great, but there are no blooms yet, so we won't have anything to harvest for awhile. But we will have tons when they get going.
Farmer Bill from down the street says we are about 2 weeks behind this year due to cool, rainy weather. Seems about right.