Monday, May 5, 2008

The First Weekend of May

As we wait to get past the last frost date in Indiana, we didn't plant anything else in the garden this weekend. During the next couple of weeks we can start planting seeds of frost sensitive plants that will emerge after mid-May, potatoes, and many of the herbs.
I brought 12 tomato plants home from my office in Kokomo and am hardening them off on the back porch. They got very tall in the windows of my office - so tall and skinny that I had to cut nearly 2 feet off the top of the plants. They were too leggy because our tinted windows block out a portion of the light spectrum. The tomatoes and peppers I've been babying at home are doing very well.
Moles - or mole. We have at least one that is ravishing the small garden. Brian purchased a trap that we'll put into service this week. I hope to publish funeral arrangements next week.
I tilled the south 1/2 of the back garden and incorporated fertilizer. The tiller had a major structural failure the last time we used it. Robert Carter was kind enough to weld a couple of steel brackets on it to support its weight. Now it runs like a sewing machine, well, one that bucks and drags you around.
Most of the plants we've bought are root bound, so I have been transplanting them in larger pots for a couple weeks before setting them in the garden.
One more thing - VOTE.


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