Monday, May 12, 2008

A Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day!
Penny and Grace delivered lots of straw, some of which we immediately put into service in the small garden. We mulched the peas, the more mature greens, and the cabbage. Penny and Grace also planted more lettuce, radishes and spinach in the small garden. It's starting to look as if we will see some fruits of our labors in a couple weeks.

Then, we turned our attention to the herb garden in the back. We planted several different culinary and non-culinary herbs and mulched the entire bunch. Herbs don't care much for mulch, but I don't care much for weeding, so they lost out. Right now they look small in that plot, but with time they will fill the area nicely.

Stan is preparing the potatoes for planting, which we plan to do next weekend. He quarters them and then lets them skin over to help keep them from rotting as they sprout.
Our temperature sensitive plants (primarily tomatoes and peppers) are still in pots and they make a daily 5 foot commute from inside to outside the garage; they are doing well.
Since we are nearing the middle of May almost everything grown from seed can be sown. By the time the seedlings emerge, we will be past any reasonable danger of frost. Beans (we have a new variety this year) are top on the list.
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

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