Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Of course the wet weather is really affecting our garden - for good and ill.
I think we've had about 6 inches of rain this week, and this is on top of an already wet garden. Our 1st spinach patch completely collapsed from rotted roots, and the 2nd planting is struggling. On the backside of the garden some of the Roma tomatoes look more dead than alive. The peppers can't figure out what's going on. They are just holding on, waiting for improved weather. The beets are a fence-sitter, too.
But many of the plants aren't minding the rain soaked conditions. The peas are in full force now, we are harvesting lettuce daily, there are plenty of radishes, the broccoli raab is mature, the cabbages are getting huge, the green beans are growing well, the edamame soybeans look great, the potatoes are fine, strawberries are in, etc.
The weather has been a big challenge, but in a way it adds to the interest. How do we cope? Can we somehow make up some of the lost time for plants like the peppers and tomatoes that take a long time to mature?
I hope and think so. You can slow development by not fertilizing often enough. So, we'll so the opposite, will make sure we regularly dope them. And, we won't mulch them yet. This will help warm the soil and dry the ground.
One big problem that I have is weeding the back garden. It's too wet to hoe and too weedy to pull weeds individually. So, when the soil dries a bit we have to get on it. Then, we can mulch most of the plants and put down weed barriers to avoid constant weeding later. Mickey and I will be away from home much of the next three weeks, so we'll need help!
We'll also need help planting the last group of peppers, tomatilloes and some squash. And, if someone is energetic, he/she can seed the areas that are opening up - like the 1st spinach patch. We could put in some "Heatwave" lettuce, a heat tolerate spinach, and chard - the hotter weather stuff.
Warmest regards,