Wednesday, July 9, 2008


To be honest, this has been a tough garden year. We've avoided some past mistakes, but the wet, cool weather caused new problems. Our garlic, radishes, lettuce, beets and spinach produced a fraction of last year's crop. And the constant moisture has assured a steady crop of weeds. The farmers at the market told Mickey they too have struggled this year.
On the other hand, some of our plantings are doing very well. We have a huge number of onions, the peas are great, but nothing compares to the cabbage - if size matters. They looked large in the garden, but in the kitchen they look abnormally, creepy big. They are nearly the size of a balloon and they seem to weigh about 15 pounds. Mickey made 32 cabbage rolls with one head.
Some of the peppers and tomatoes thought they were dying. So they put out a little fruit early in one last fling - then they recovered. Now we have a few plants with nearly mature fruit even though the plant in general is a bit behind schedule.
We are just now getting green beans. Their neighbors, the edamame soybeans, are looking pretty good but they've not flowered yet.
I've attached a map of the back garden.
Weeding was the primary job this weekend but we also:
- transplanted the struggling garlic from the large to the small garden
- tilled unused patches in the back garden to suppress weeds and prepare for squash
- continued the pea harvest
- cleared sections that contained spent lettuce, cabbage, spinach, radishes
- planted a 3rd planting of beets (3 small rows)
- planted some "heat tolerant" spinach (I will believe it when I see it)
- planted one small row of chard
- fertilized the tomatoes and peppers (we are trying to accelerate their maturing)
Remaining tasks:
- plant squash
- plant a 2nd planting of bush beans
- tie up the wandering tomato plants
- spread the remaining straw to suppress weeds
Regards, Kim

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