Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th everyone!
Here's what's up in the garden this week.
We are getting peas, beets, cabbage, onions and radishes - I think that's it.
The cabbages are finally really mature and we have about 5 heads left. The peas are waning, but we are still picking them almost daily. We planted lots of onions and they are quickly maturing. We have so many that we can start using them immediately without abandon. And they are good! This year our beet and radish crops have been so-so, but there are a few out there. We'll have green beans within a couple of days.
There is no lettuce or spinach now, but I plan to plant some summer greens this weekend.
Tasks for this weekend include:
- weeding
- continue the pea harvest
- clear out spent lettuce
- plant summer squash
- till between rows in the back garden
- fertilize the tomatoes and peppers
- tie up the tomatoes
- plant the summer greens (chard, heat tolerant spinach and lettuce)
It will probably be wet on Friday, but Saturday is looking like a good work day.
Regards, Kim


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