Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yesterday Mike, Stacy and Ellen Morgan stopped by and we tackled the big job of weeding the tomatoes, tomatilloes, and peppers. Then, we mulched them so that we won't have to repeat the exercise each week. We also tied up the peas (winds were starting to knock them down), harvested a large amount of them, harvested some lettuce, beets, a cabbage, etc. We are still getting strawberries, but not for long. The Morgans took some beets home to try to pickle them.
We lost only one tomato plant, which is a surprise. Mike and I fertilized them and the peppers to speed their maturation.
We stored some of the lettuce, beets and peas in the garage refrigerator. So please take some if you come by. The lettuce remaining in the garden is starting to bolt, so it's past its prime. But it is still usable until it gets bitter. The spinach is slowly recovering from its water boarding experience.
As the cabbages and lettuce exit the stage, areas in the small garden will open up. We can plant heat tolerant spinach and lettuce, chard, squash, another round of bush beans, etc. I don't think I can get to it before I leave for NY in a couple of days.
Watering the smaller plants might be the most urgent task while Mickey and I are both gone. It's amazing that we need to start watering so soon after the earlier overabundance. There shouldn't be much weeding to do the next week or so.
I also added more grass clippings to the compost bin. Each time we do, it heats up for about a week until the clippings are consumed.
I created a map of the tomatoes, peppers and tomatilloes. I'll keep it in the garage.


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