Monday, August 11, 2008

July 26 Onions by the Bag Full

This is the week of onions, cucumbers and green beans. I estimated that we have about 320 onions - about 5 varieties and all in good shape so far. Almost all are harvested and are midway through the curing and drying process. I also harvested the shallots today.
We are getting three types of cucumbers (pickling, Asian and salad), and Stan has already made some into pickles, which I enjoyed on a sandwich today.
The French green bean variety we selected (Parisian) seems to be a big hit. We've had enough to give to neighbors/friends, and we've blanched and froze a couple batches.
Stan now has a 4 gallon crock in which he's making sauerkraut. How cool is that! The process involves fermenting our cabbage for a couple of months before enjoying or canning. This will be a great learning experience.
We are just now starting to get Early Girl tomatoes and a few Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. The big guns (Romas and Better Boy) are maturing slowly but are growing nicely in the heat. We also have some Golden tomatoes. Maybe we'll see the onslaught begin in a week or so.
This week Mickey used our basil to made pesto. I highly recommend that you have her teach you how to do this. It is some of the best stuff we get from the garden.
The small garden is almost bare except for some flowers, dill, a few more onions and the small 2nd plantings of beans, spinach, chard and beets. We need to replant several things for fall harvest.
Don't feel shy about coming over!

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