Sunday, September 14, 2008

August 10th

How is it possible? We planted way less than an ounce of cucumber seeds. They seemed so innocent. Yet this past Saturday I harvested about 50 pounds. I needed the wheel barrow to get them to the garage. Mind you, this is a week's harvest. Stan harvested a similar bunch last week and we'll have another mess next week.
Where are the cucumber beetles that wiped out our crop last year? I have no idea. I've seen one or two out there, but not on the cucumbers. Stan's made some great refrigerator pickles and Mickey's thinking about it.
The tomatoes have arrived in quantity, too. We have plenty of peppers, and they are just getting started. Our onions appear to be storing very well, and they are very sweet. The potatoes are ready for digging.
The bush beans are about spent, but the edamame soybeans are replacing them. I tried some Saturday, but I think they are still slightly too immature. Next weekend will be it. I learned they freeze well, so that is what we'll do with the bulk of them.
Tomatilloes are next to take the stage. They are spreading on the ground and rooting as they go. I hope that's OK for the fruit.
I was able to plant a few things in the small garden for fall - 3 rows of beets, 2 of rows of Parisian green beans, 1 row of Swiss chard, and one row of spinach. We have 2.5 months before the first killing frost, so we'll be in a race to gets the beans. The rest of the plantings can tolerate some frost. I hope to plant lettuce soon.
Obviously we have plenty of stuff, so if you need anything please come over. We could use help harvesting and storing. That's part of the entire process, too.

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