Sunday, September 14, 2008

August 27th The True Harvest

Last Sunday the McGuckins and the Lavengoods visited us to barbecue and share a meal. It's clear that everyone should have some daily exposure to young children. Perhaps the highlight of the garden year is seeing the kids dig potatoes - and scream as loudly as possible at every small living thing they noticed. We only got through one small row, so if someone else needs some fun, bring a couple of kids over.

After months of receiving consistent rain I finally had to water the back garden. The
tomatoes and peppers were looking pretty droopy. But that hasn't kept them from producing. I picked about 1 gallon of cherry tomatoes last evening. I take them a day or so before they fully ripen (and crack). They seem to ripen just fine in the house. The regular tomatoes are pick early, too. If you need any, you will find them in our basement.

The fall gree
ns are looking OK - just OK. This hot dry weather came at just the wrong time for the seedlings.

This week we have ple
nty of tomatoes, cucumbers (we saw some whitening of the leaves, so enjoy them while you can), beets (in the small garden), onions (storing well), potatoes, chard and French green beans. We harvested, blanched and froze all the edamame last week. Let us know if you 'd like to try some. Tomatilloes are slowly getting there.
A superstar will be visiting us for the next couple of weeks. If you'd like to stop by to meet her, please do so.

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